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Sedentary Behavior and Poor Food Choices

Posted on March 10, 2020 by Earl Calcagni

Now, consider this, if you think this way as an adult, exactly what are you teaching your children. Yep, which is it OK to eat junk food if you are active. Not only that, so many mother and father, say well my kids eat all of this stuff but don't gain any kind of weight, so it is OK. NO IT IS FAR FROM! While on the surface, you think it is, it really is doing major damage to both your own and your child's body. Think hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Remember people the old adage "you are that which you eat" applies here. We all bring over what we learn in our years as a child into our lives as adults. You might be setting the foundation here for a lifetime associated with bad eating for your child. You may not want to do that? No, I don't believe so. So you need to set the and start eating healthier and keep on being active. Right now the majority of children which are active are doing so through right after school or organized sports activities that will interest them. However , what happens whenever they get older, when these activities shall no longer be a part of his/her life. You got this, sedentary behavior because you didn't supply the role model they needed for a proper lifestyle. You need to provide them with other options besides just sporting activities: walking, running, riding, jumping rope, aerobics to mention a few.

It is one of your responsibilities as being a parent to teach your children about healthful eating and the importance of activity not just as a child but as they grow up. So you need to be a good role design. We have discussed in other articles, taking stairs instead of the elevator, and strolling from the far end of the car parking lot. Joining a gym or even having exercise equipment (bikes, trampolines, DVDs) in your home. One of the cutest things is perfect for a young child to watch their mom or even dad watching a video or exercising on a piece of exercise equipment and wanting to emulate them. What a perfect chance for you to show them how to dance, run, jump rope so they can do something right together with you.

Next be sure you let them be mixed up in planning and preparation of foods. Let them give their input. Take time to talk to them about the foods you might be making and they are eating. And please do not tell me you don't have the time, make the period or in all honesty why did you might have children!

Yes, we want our children to become active and involved. However , one particular big caveat here is to restrict the number of activities your children get involved with. A lot of children today join everything in order to please their parents and they are tired! So be realistic with their time just like you would be with yours. Be sure to highlight to your child that they don't have to be engaged in everything. Emphasis that if they are doing too much they are going to make compromises in a single or more activities and that isn't reasonable to that particular group. Talk to them regarding down time. Be sure they know it is usually OK to relax. We need balance in our daily life and the only way to be sure all of us do is to do everything less often and get that down time for ourself. Relaxing restores our balance that is so very important for healthy residing.