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Of Drugs and Youth

Posted on May 6, 2020 by Earl Calcagni

Today, the problem associated with drug abuse among the youth has presumed a greater significance and heightened worry in various socio-cultural and economic strata. Though no accurate figures can be found to measure the actual extent from the problem, drug addicts reporting to guidance in the country points out that the problem provides spread among various age groups, and far among youths aged 16 in order to 25 years.

The age group in which a youngsters is, signifies the transformation of the adolescent to a young person, which often is accompanied with the trials plus tribulations of a 'child' in being a 'grown-up'. A bundle of exuberant yet undirected energy, he derives enjoyment in taking risks and trying out new things. He craves to flavor the 'forbidden fruits' in his pursuit of attaining recognition and status among his peers. Such a behaviour usually brings him in open or even concealed conflict with his parents plus 'parent figures' which leads to the a lot discussed 'conflict of generations' plus 'generation gap'. The situation has been additional complicated due to the fast paced social modification brought in the society by quick industrialisation, urbanisation and rural-urban immigration. It has eroded the traditional, informal, interpersonal control mechanisms and has even introduced changes in the structure of the family, through joint to nuclear, or at best a long family.

The 'media explosion' offers shrunken the world, especially for the youngsters, and they are now more aware of issues around. This has also raised their own level of aspiration and ambition. Along with materialism, consumerism and individualism getting ascendancy, modern youth is drifting away from his traditional roots plus finds it difficult to cope with ever increasing interpersonal pressures. Further, the increasing financial pressures compel more and more parents to consider full time employment leaving a child, much more a youth, alone in the house or even in the company of friends. With no adequate programs available to keep them busy, they turn out to be easy prey to anti-social routines including drug-abuse.

There may be various causes of a youth to take to substance abuse, from just curiosity and a propensity to experiment with. It may be an expression of their revolt against established authority, a means of gaining recognition in his team or he may just not be able to state 'NO', when offered.

Therefore attention creation or preventive education program for youth is an imperative. Within build up immunity amongst them, would certainly promote self-respect and determination, offer experiences which encourage self-respect plus sense of dignity, enhances private and social skill which are essential for functioning in a rapidly transforming modern society and provide for professional skills.

Furthermore important is that the leisure time activities associated with both student and non-student youngsters are so organised that they provide for healthful recreation and constructive work behaviors. As is evident, a youth seems more at home within his age-group. Therefore , to reach them, it is yet natural to take the help of more energetic groups among them.